Anti Aging Skin Care Guidelines



Why use anti aging skin care

We practically know that the process of aging is an unstoppable natural process, using anti aging skin care to lessen the effects of aging would be one way to help you keep your skin looking good.

The causes of aging

The aging process is categorized into two. The first element that causes aging would be the internal or intrinsic factor that involves the genes that naturally aged as the years go by and the external factors or the environment that have harmful effects in our skin thus causing the aging process. If you want to buy bellavei, visit our site!

Intrinsic Aging Factors

The use of anti aging at an early age will not prevent aging due to your genes’ natural process. In the mid-twenties of a person the cell production was slightly decreased and shedding of dead skin will not be as fast as it was back then even the elasticity of the skin will also be reduced. The natural aging process will not be visible until a person approaches late fifties or late forties during this time the aging process will appear as fine wrinkles surrounding the eye and cheeks including the hollowing of the said area. Do check out this bellavei review.

This aging process is naturally occurring in your genes as what your predecessor have undergone themselves. Some people have genes that tends to have a youthful skin type on their genes and the unlucky ones who have wrinkle prunes on their skin due to their gene’s natural aging process.

The External Aging Process

Controlling the natural process of aging can now be done through the use of anti aging skin care products like phytoceramides along with precautionary measures. Direct exposure to the sun even with just the slightest of sunlight on a cloudy day will practically promote the natural aging of the skin so if you are aiming to delay skin aging, you must use skin protection before going out in the open. Using sun beds is not advisable to do. On days that have strong winds, it is advisable to wrap the face with a scarf to prevent it from directly being exposed to the harsh wind. Smoking is a big no to prevent skin aging so if you are a smoker, stopping will be a good idea. Since facial wrinkles are produced by tight expressions, it is best if you avoid the regular act of doing facial contortions to prevent the formation of facial wrinkles in your face. You may read further about Anti-Aging Skincare at

Another external Factor affecting aging would be gravity. Try looking at old people and you will obviously notice how gravity affects the aging of their jowls in the ear and eye area of their faces. The gravity that affect aging could not be prevented however with an early anti-aging skin care regime you can diminish this aging effect.

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